I have applied for the Benton County Sheriff's Office interim Sheriff position.  This year will mark my thirteenth year with the Benton County Sheriff's Office and I would love the opportunity to continue serving the public and the employees of the sheriff's office for the next eight months as the interim sheriff.  Our sheriff's office and our citizens have gone through a tremendous amount of bad publicity and outright embarrassment over the last few years.  With the resignation of the current sheriff we have already experienced healthier employee morale.

Myself, several other great command staff members, our sergeants, corporals, deputies and civilian employees of the sheriff's office have worked very hard to keep the sheriff's office running smooth during the turmoil we have faced.  We are excited that we have a new leader coming in January 2017. I simply want to make this process as smooth and pain free as possible.  If selected, I can hit the ground running with virtually no disruptions.  Our citizens and our employees deserve to be flooded with good news stories about their sheriff's office instead of constant negative stories.  I have the leadership ability, integrity and support from the current employees to get this job done.  It will be my goal to make this transition and the new sheriff transition in January a smooth pain free process. I strongly believe if we bring in an outsider to fill the interim sheriff position we will be taking several steps backward with employee morale.  Many employees have reached out to me and they are terrified of the prospect of an interim sheriff they do not know as well as some of the names they do know.

You have a voice and you can make a difference!

Whether you think I am the best candidate for the job or you prefer one of the other candidates, please let the Quorum Court know.  They really need to hear from Benton County deputies and employees and they do listen to your concerns and recommendations.

I am providing a link below to a county map that shows each Justice of the Peace district.  I am also providing a link to a document with contact information for every JP in the county.   Look at the map and see who your representative is and then call or email them.  There is nothing keeping you from contacting multiple representatives, but at least contact the one who represents you.  It's a very short time frame because interviews are Monday, April 25th.  PLEASE DON'T HESITATE. CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW.

You are welcome to contact me with questions.  I can be reached at 479-531-1924 or by email at lynnhahn@gmail.com

District Map and JP contact information

Cover Letter


Letters of Recommendation